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VISSESAP may be "new" in the Bream-fishing , the product from itself however is not.

Again the Omega`s 3 and 6 are in here , as well as Amino acids , Minerals , Vitamines , one by one products that a fish "knows" and appreciates.

Vissesap has been used for years by Carp fishers and with succes too , still there was one disadvantage too ( for the carp fishers) wich was... they got too much breams on their spot!

Ofcourse we love a huge amount of breams but carpfishers on the other hand love the breams less so that`s why the product has been taken out and now makes VISSESAP an exclusive product , a new smell , a new "Taste" and a Functioning that already gave alot of reactions with fisherman so far.




Depending on your own preferencES you mix 30 to 50 ML with some water and with this you prepare the bait for the first time , this is purely to get the product into the feederbait , it can be used pure too but you will risk little lumps in your bait.

After that , just finish the bait to your own wishes.

Dipping the bait , sauce it , juice it , marinate your worms , all pretty known sounding terms in the contest fishing.

And why not...dipping your bait in VISSESAP could JUST attract that one fish , already they know the taste and the stimulation that it gives as they get it presented by each cagefeeder already , so dipping your bait could just cause that "taste explosion" and fish will react on it much easyer.



When the bites disappear after a while , juice the bait a little with Vissesap Before you fill the cagefeeder.

Good Luck!




YellowFeed  |  info@yellowfeed.nl