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 HET SURINAAMSE GEVAAR!!  is a complete feederbait based on the highest Top-Quality ingredients , course ingredients who are making the bait from itself very airily.


However , by using the included supplement HS Kaboemba , the bait can be transformed to even be used in 12 meter deep lakes.....or 120 grams flowing rivers , with a bit of practice you decide yourself how long the bait is "allowed" to stay in the cagefeeder.



Ratios and guidelines to use HS Kaboemba

1:1 to use it in deep waters or tough rivers

1:2 to use it in canals , waters up to 6 , 7 meter

1:3 to use in shallow waters


However , guidelines are purely based on own experiences , every person has its own if it goes for structure of the bait , one uses less then the other , it`s a matter of "get the feeling" with it.






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