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                                                             HET SURINAAMSE GEVAAR!!

                                                                COMPLETE FEEDER-BAIT
Welcome to Yellowfeed`s website , better known from the by now alot discussed SURINAAMSE GEVAAR!!
Discussed alot , and not only in The Netherlands , nearly 3 months in the market and by now HSG is beeing used by (contest) anglers all over Europe.
HET SURINAAMSE GEVAAR!! is a complete feederbait based on Top Quality ingredients
Not just an ordinary bait , and especially not a bait to "prepare" and just throw in , it deserves a bit of time for sure.
However , after the correct preparation you will have a contest-worthy feederbait that's right in all the terms of compositions , the supplements and the so called "Extra`s" , it`s all presented in the bait

Groundbait still isn`t a Miracle-thing , Het Surinaamse Gevaar also is not a miracle bait , what it ìs however is Fresh , every single kilo is made with passion , and it`s Complete...all you need to add is water

Not un-usual , especially in the Contest-Fishing is to prepare the groundbait with some extra supplements for more attraction.
Often the question remains "wich supplements do i use?"
Because how to know `wich supplement` works the best on `what water..





                                           Kaboemba Red , Green and Yellow 

HS Kaboemba is an absolute Bream-Killer , theres a decent amount of stimulators added wich makes a 100 gram Kaboemba enough to prepare 1 kg of groundbait.

HS Kaboemba Yellow and Kaboemba Red are both extremely sweet and mostly used in the regular feeder fishing.

Kaboemba Green is made with a mix of fishmeal and stimulators and is most used with the Method-Fishing.

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