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HS Kaboemba is an eggmeal existing from 80% egg-yolk mixed with a combination of appetite stimulators , these appetite stimulants can only be presented in very small amounts.



Mix the prefered Kaboemba with the correct amount of water and with this the bait will be prepared.

This fruity smelling and extremely Sweet tasting appetite stimulators are ment to keep the fish longer to your spot and to keep them interested in food for a longer period.

As for the use of Amino`s and essencial fat acids there will be less suspicion and the presented bait will be taken easyer by the fish.


Precisely to the gram!



Absolute Taste and Smell explosion!



1 bag is enough to use 5,5 kilo of HSG Feederbait



Guidelines to use HS Kaboemba:

1:1 to use it on tough rivers and deep lakes up to 20 meters of dept.

1:2 to use it in canals with depts up to 7 meters.

1:3 to use on shallow waters.

However , guidelines are purely based on own experiences , every person has its own if it goes for structure of the bait , one uses less then the other , it`s a matter of "get the feeling" with it.

*** With for instance 1:1 we mean : 1 share Kaboemba and 1 (the same) share of water , 1:2 means 1 share Kaboemba and 2 same shares of water....




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